More Mysureans need to participate in Dasara festivities

Kudos to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and his team for making 408th Dasara festivities as a glittering Mahotsava and Nada Habba.  There is a palpable awareness and anticipation of this year’s Dasara setting a record number of visitors and tourists who are already thronging the city.

The hotel industry is smiling with a higher percentage of booking of its rooms, business community is hoping for a good turn over and the tourism industry with different topics like heritage, adventure, water sports, pilgrimage and other attractions is booming.

Mysureans have always stood by and made every Dasara amemorable one.  In order to help a section of the diaspora of Mysuru – the ‘have nots’ in far flung extensions and nearby villages that have
been included in the greater Mysuru plan, should have equal opportunities to enjoy the beautiful and ornamental lighting system in the main thoroughfares of the city:

Under corporate social responsibility (CSR) or public-private partnership  (PPP) mode or through cooperation from cargo transporters, open type small tempos or cargo vehicles (trucks excluded) may be engaged to ferry zealous citizens to come to the Central Business District (CBD) and go around slowly in the main streets where such lighting system have been installed and also around the colourful parks, Amba Vilas Palace, Jaganmohan Palace and Dasara Exhibition Grounds so that the people will get the pleasure of being a part of the great Dasara festival.

At best it may take about an hour to cover the important thoroughfares and back – from any corner of Mysuru city. In order to make this viable and sustainable, a reasonable price per person (children free) may be fixed subject to the condition on the number of people boarding, depending upon the vehicle engaged in order to ensure safety and security.

Free trips may also be arranged – courtesy CSR, PPP mode, businessmen, CII, traders, Rotary, Lions, local NGOs, corporators, MLAs and MPs.

Appeal to the district administration, RTO and the police department as transport vehicles are not allowed to carry people, these Dasara special small vehicles may be exempted from such conditions so that vehicle owners need not be harassed as they are extending service during Dasara festivities.

-(Vasanthkumar Mysoremath)

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