More prominence to soft skills; IGP Bengaluru

Prime News, Karnataka, Mysuru, July 7: –  During training for women police constables more emphasis will be given to soft skills, e-learning and physical fitness aspects, said, BK Singh Inspector General of Police, Training, Bengaluru.

Speaking on an induction programme at Mysuru Police Training School, IGP said, ‘The training focuses on soft skills apart from this the women will be trained in human rights, cyber crime, gender discrimination, children related issues’.

Physical fitness also a focal point since women police has to carry arms when the police begin their duty, they need to talk according to the situation, and arrogant though sometimes is a requirement of the time and place.

The 248 women police trainees who have come from 27 different districts across Karnataka state will undergo eight months training in Mysuru Police Training School. Among the 248 trainees, 35 of them are married.

Though the qualification for women constables was II Pre-University education, just 37 of them are plus 2 passed while many have done post graduation and two are engineers in electronics and communication. In all, 82 of the trainees have completed Bachelor of Arts, 26 Post Graduation, 66 Bachelor in  Education, Diploma in Education, Bachelor in  Physical Education and nearly 50 trainees have various degrees including Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science.

Along with indoor, outdoor activities are equally important. If you are not having proper physical fitness it will be difficult to work on the field. The police department is different from other government counterparts.

It will be 8 to 10 working hours per day for other departments when it comes to police constables duty the police constables need to be work outside more and they won’t even have a chair to sit and relax. Hence if we are not physically strong it will be difficult to work in the police department.

-(NAV, Inputs; Agencies)

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