Mother-to-be woman constable gets traditional baby shower by staffs

Mysuru, July 10:- In a unique programme by Mysuru City Police on Tuesday; a lady police constable was given moral support as a goodwill gesture to the mother-t0-be at Saraswathipuram Police Station in the city.

The policemen held a traditional baby shower to the ‘woman’ police constable amidst bonhomie.

Rakshitha, a lady constable working at Saraswathipuram Police Station had a pleasant surprise when the staffs of the station held the ‘Seemantha Shastra’ (Traditional baby shower) to the mother-to-be.

Rakshitha and his husband Trimurthi were invited by the staffs of Saraswathipuram Police Station and performed the traditional baby shower ritual inside the station. Rakshitha was given fruits, saree, sweets and wished good health.

Saraswathipuram Police Inspector Nage Gowda along with other staff was present.

Last month a similar kind of event was held at Malavalli Town Police Station in Mandya District. –(KS, KK)

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