Mother Tongue Day celebrated at CIIL

Cultural events representing different languages of India were organised in commemoration of the celebration on the occasion

The Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL), Mysuru, celebrated the ‘Mother Tongue Day’ recently.

Addressing the gathering, CIIL Director Prof Awadesh Kumar Mishra said that every human should love his/her mother tongue and respect the mother tongues of others too and added that one must develop a more tolerant attitude.

He emphasised that language and culture go together as language constructs culture and is a means of earning livelihood.

CIIL Director Prof Awadesh Kumar Mishra noted that villages are safeguarding our culture as well as the languages. Most of the urban people of India have a tendency of thinking in English, but this should change. Instead of English, we should try to think in our own mother tongues so that our languages will flourish, he stressed.

Prof P K Khandoba, project director, Centre of Excellence for Studies in Classical Kannada (CESCK), CIIL, the guest of honour, said “We all should love our mother tongue, and respect other languages as well which will make this celebration meaningful.” Dr G Vijayasarathi, assistant director (administration), CIIL, said that India is a vibrant linguistic and cultural mosaic and we all are celebrating it by observing the Mother Tongue Day.

Head of LDC-IL and co-ordinator of the programme Dr L Ramamoorthy briefed on the significance of the celebration. Dr C V Shivaramakrishna, Head NTS-I & SPPEL; Dr K S Srinivasacharya, Academic Secretary, CIIL; Dr Biresh Kumar and B M Lingaraj of NTS-I were also present.

All the staff members of CIIL and its schemes actively took part in the celebration and exhibited their talent in the various events like singing, elocution, dance, poem recitation, etc., in their respective mother tongues.

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