MP KC Ramamurthy demands ban on online rummy game

Prime News, National, Karnataka, New Delhi, September 16:- BJP Member of Parliament from Karnataka K C Ramamurthy on Tuesday (September 15) demanded in the Rajya Sabha that the government ban online rummy saying many people have become addicted to it, particularly in south India.

MP K C Ramamurthy

There are four online accredited rummy operators – Ace2three, Junglee Rummy, Rummy Circle and Rummy Passion – accredited by The Rummy Federation, he said.

“Sir, it is a misnomer that rummy is a game of skill. It is gambling and betting money through rummy in the greed of getting more is illegal as it ruins families financially and otherwise. It is unfortunate that many have become addicts, particularly in south India,” Ramamurthy said during his special mention in the Upper House.

Online rummy is rapidly spreading its tentacles by luring all sections, more particularly youths, with attractive advertisements and promotions assuring lucrative returns which are totally false, he said.

Looking at these advertisements, youngsters, after losing money, resort to criminal and other activities to carry on with this addiction. Parents are worried about the future of their loved ones, he added. (Inputs: Agencies, NGB)

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