MS Praveen is Bharatiya Janashakti Congress party candidate from Chamundeshwari Constituency

Mysuru, April 13:- Engineering graduate M S Praveen is the official candidate of Bharatiya Janashakti Congress party from Chamundeshwari Constituency. The party was founded by former police officer Anupama Shenoy.

“I have contested municipal and Lok Sabha elections. To create awareness among the youths and work for them I am contesting from Chamundeshwari Constituency. People who wish to transform the society are entering politics in lesser numbers. I have received the B form to contest from the party. Politicians of all other parties are the reason behind the land mafia in Chamundeshwari Constituency,” he alleged.

Darshan, Kavitha and Ayisha were present. (KMR, NGB)

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