MTB Nagaraj offered money for ‘Operation Kamala’: Siddaramaiah

Mysuru, November 21:- Former chief minister Siddaramaiah taunted rebel MLA MTB Nagaraj, saying he didn’t take money in “Operation Kamala,” instead gave money for the coalition to fall.

Siddaramaiah was speaking to media in the city on Thursday.

“Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has affection for Nagaraj as he gave money for Operation Kamala. Nagaraj is the only person who gave money in the operation,” Siddaramaiah mocked.

“I have not taken any money from Nagaraj. Then, what would I return to him? Congress leader Krishna Bhyregowda took some loan from him and has returned it. People are discussing that the disqualified MLAs have shifted loyalties for money. People will defeat them in the by-elections. Law Minister Madhuswamy should have apologised. Why did Yediyurappa apologise? This issue should have stopped there. There is no need to do politics between castes,” he said.

“People are responding to us more than what we had expected. The public themselves opine that all those 15 are disqualified. According to me, all the 15 will lose the election. The state government is not conducting the election transparently. They are distributing pressure cookers, sarees and freebies. Yediyurappa has told enough lies. Voters are intelligent than us. They can understand everything,” Siddaramaiah added. (MR/KS)

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