MUDA holds Public Grievances meet: Complaints galore by citizens

Over fifty and odd applications were received at the Public Grievances’ meeting held at Mysuru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) on Wednesday.

To ensure smooth functioning and better response on public issues, the public grievances’ meeting will be held twice, on second and fourth Wednesdays of every month. As part of this meeting applications were received by public who had issues related to development, violations, allotment and others pending issues. Most of the applications that were received at the meeting were all about MUDA not allotting sites even after waiting for 20 years.

Khallemuddin, Panduranga, Nanjundaswamy, Ramesh and others complained that they were not allotted any sites even after waiting for 20 years even after one or two attempts. MUDA chairman K R Mohan Kumar stated that the sites were allotted on seniority basis, and further added that the number of attempts by citizens also counts. Several citizens were  unaware about the number of attempts they need to make to get a site allotted through MUDA.

In another case, Upadhyay, a resident of Srirampura, said that he was allotted a site in 1997 at Srirampura secon stage and he had constructed a house in 2007. He complanied that he was not issued title deed stating that the site which was allotted to him was a park area. He complained that, the mistake made by some MUDA officials and improper demarcation resulted in this situation. Responding to this, MUDA chairman promised to discuss the issue by forming a committee and would resolve the issue soon.

Several others complained that even after they were allotted sites by MUDA, they were not given the title deed to construct a house. MUDA commissioner Mahesh, member Bhaskar Gowda, Corporator Sandesh Swamy, officer Kavitha and others were present.

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