MUDA’s wasteful and unwise grade separator projects

You must have received many letters from many competent and experienced engineers about the various JNNURM schemes squandering public money. The grade separator project for which MUDA laid the foundation stone recently is one such negative project which is going to cause more harm to the city than good.

Amidst the many ill-planned things, the ring road and the subsequent up gradation is one very useful project which will help the city in many ways. Mainly expected to bypass all highway traffic (not going to the city but going through), it eases the traffic conditions inside the city. Now the proposed grade separator making the highway jump over the ring road defeats the basic purpose for which the ring road is provided and the entire idea is a technically flawed one.

Apart from this the location of the separator on Nanjangud road also is not convenient. On public demand NH-212 is routed via the ring road and hence the highway traffic will not come to the said junction near JSS College. Secondly I hear that due to the RMP expansion, there is a proposal to shift Hunsur-Madikeri highway to Bogadi Road, which will join the highway at Bilikere. If so the grade separator will be ineffective in this location.  

There is no provision for smooth movement of vehicles from highway to ring road (and vice versa) in the grade separator design. If gone ahead and built it will stand in the future as a monument the blunders of the city authorities. Even now, it is not late. Let all wise engineers and authorities realize their folly and drop this project and save the city and prevent wastage of hundreds of crores of public money.

–   C N Yadunandan, Civil Engineering Consultant, Saraswathipuram

(Based on the information taken by me through RTI)

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