Mumbai demands for reforms in local trains over the new bullet train

Railway News, Nation, (Mumbai), September 14:-The announcement of Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train has received mixed reactions from the people of Mumbai, but they were unanimous in their demand for reforms in Mumbai’s local trains over the introduction of a bullet train.

One Mumbaikar was of the opinion that bringing bullet trains when local trains and platforms are already in poor condition, was a wrong move and would increase the debts.

With local trains being the primary mode of commute for people, other locals too spoke on similar lines.

“It is not much beneficial to common man as the fare will be similar to that of flight,” said Ranjit Chauhan.

However, some welcomed the new venture, and were optimistic about its service.

“In terms of saving time, it is good, especially for businessmen, but local trains and the Indian Railways also need reforms at the same time. The Government should take care of that,” said Bharat.

He was hopeful that the government will make provisions to make tickets for the bullet train affordable to general public, and added that it will prove beneficial to those, who can’t afford flight tickets.

The government of India has launched a joint project with Japan to introduce bullet train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. The duration of commute will be three hours.

Bullet train will have 320-350 km of top speed per hour and expected to reduce travel time between the two cities from the existing 7-8 hours.

Initially there will be 10 cars which can accommodate 750 passengers, later will be increased to 16 cars that can accommodate 1,200 people. The fare could be in the range of Rs 3,000-Rs 5,000.

The 508km-long Mumbai to Ahmedabad High Speed Rail is scheduled for completion in December 2023, but commencement date has been sought to be advanced to August 2022.

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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