MuPa stands for Muthuraj and Parvathamma!

Mysuru, June 1:- MuPa Kripa! It is the name of the house that belongs to late Tugudeepa Srinivas’ family . Mu stands for Muthuraj and Pa for Parvathamma. This house at Siddhartha Layout in the city was constructed by Parvathamma and Rajkumar for the family of late veteran actor Tugudeepa. When Tugudeepa family was in deep financial crisis, Parvathamma got this house built for them. As a token of gratitude, wife of Tugudeepa Srinivas, Meena Tugudeepa named the house MuPa Kripa.

Srinivas wanted to build a house in the city. But due to financial problems, it was tough for the family to build a house. When Rajkumar and Parvathamma came to know this, they helped the family of Tugudeepa to build the house. Meena revealed this to the media on Wednesday. (MR/KS).

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