Murder of democracy in Mysuru

The shocking incident of Marigowda, former ZP president, who is a close associate of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, threatening an IAS officer a couple of days back is nothing short of murder of democracy. In any functional democracy, the head of the government would have tendered an unconditional apology to the IAS officer.  

However in our state, the politicians have managed to escape from the police without any difficulty. It has to be seen how many hours or days it will take for the police to arrest the offending politician. Whether it is true or not, public is speculating that because of the special relationship the politician has, police is waiting to ensure that he gets the bail. Is this the way our constitution is expected to work?

In Mangaluru, when an RTI activist Vinayaka Baliga was murdered because of he was a whiste-blower, the murderers were booked in less than two days. The person behind the murder, the real culprit, was caught after a few weeks despite the enormous difficulty involved. However, in this case, the person threatening the Deputy Commissioner, C Shikha, is well known and has been identified by the top civil servant of the district. Still the police are unable to find the “murderer of democracy”. The question that should agitate the public is why?

It is sad that despite all the media publicity of the event, Chief Minister or his office has not found it important to offer an apology to the DC. Siddaramaiah should know he has taken an oath to protect the constitution. If he fails to protect his highest civil servant of the district, is he not shirking his responsibility?

It is a good development that Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha MP has expressed his anguish and condemned the incident. He should write to the Centre to ask the Chief Minister for an explanation. He should raise this issue of “murder of democracy” in the next session of the parliament. He should also ask his party’s MLAs to raise this issue in the Karnataka Assembly.

Media has the responsibility of not only keeping the issue in front of the public till the issue meets a logical end but also unravel the truth behind Marigowda threatening the DC.

In the past, when upright IAS officers have been threatened, IAS association has taken up the issue and defended the officers. Will this issue be taken up by them?

This should not become just a woman’s issue or a political ball game, but very survival of democracy. It is to the credit of the DC that she has taken the principled stand to uphold the rule of law.

We, the public have even greater responsibility in a democracy since we are the real rulers. We should not vote for any politician who indulges in this kind of violence or supports such violence or does not fight against such violence. Let history not repeat as has happened when another upright officer Rashmi Mahesh, former Director General of ATI, was assaulted in Mysuru some time back.

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