Music varsity syndicate members demand police probe

Syndicate member of Karnataka State Gangubai Hangal Music and Performing Arts University C R Himanshu has demanded a police probe into the alleged forgery that took place in the University. Vice Chancellor Sarvamangala has been accused of forging signatures of syndicate members C R Himanshu, Vasundhara Hegde, Fayaz Khan, Nagachandrika Bhat and A B Prashanth.

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Himanshu said that none of the syndicate members had written to the Higher Education Minister demanding the resignation of Registrar Rangaswamy.

“Vice Chancellor Sarvamangala Shankar who had registered a case against Rangaswamy of harassment earlier might have played a foul play. We suspect that our signatures have been copied from syndicate meeting documents that are kept inside VC’s chamber,” Himanshu said.

A B Prashanth said that the administration at University had collapsed. “Even after seven years of inception there has been no growth. The internal conflict in the varsity has affected academics. Many files have gone missing suddenly and there is nobody to shoulder the responsibility. There is shortage of teaching staff and all of them are guest lecturers. The University needs a good administrator to address the issues,” he added.

Dr Vasundara Hegde said that without proper buildings the university looks kindergarten and where there is no proper syllabus. The members urged a police probe into the allegations as soon as possible.

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