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Must-have scarf fabrics for monsoon

Jazz up your look by sporting colourful cotton, mulmul and chiffon scarves to look chic and feel comfortable during monsoon season.

Here we sugget how:

* Cotton scarves: Cotton is the safest and the most reliable fabric for monsoon season as it is breathable. These scarves will not stick to your body or soak water.

* Mulmul scarves: Mulmul fabric is soft as well. These scarves will help you to keep rainfall and sweat at bay. They can be used with long kurtis. This will keep the style and comfort both in place.

* Cotton silk scarves: You might wonder how this can be a good option for the rains, but the lesser known fact is that silk can lessen all your rainy season wardrobe anxieties. Silk tends to stay fresh and crease-free during these troubling times and they dry instantly.

* Polycotton scarves: Polycotton is durable for monsoon as it is a blend of cotton and polyester, which is crease-free as compared to pure cotton.

* Chiffon scarves: Chiffon dries quickly, making it ideal for rainy season.

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