Mutalik welcomes SC verdict on triple talaq

Mysuru, August 22:- “Sri Rama Sene welcomes the Supreme Court verdict to ban triple talaq. It has ensured justice to women of Muslim community,” said Sri Rama Sene chief Pramodh Mutalik here on Tuesday.

He was speaking to media here in the city after the Supreme Court verdict was announced on triple talaq.

“Central government should take action to amend law based on the Supreme Court verdict. It is the right time to get the amendment done,” he said.

“KFD and PFI organisations should be banned in Karnataka. Role of these organisationd has been proved in the murder of 21 Hindu  activists. State government is not ready to ban these organisations for fear of losing votes,” he added.

Speaking about a father and his son embracing Hinduism again, he said, “They were forced to convert then. After 20 years, he has converted back to Hinduism. Most of the Muslims in the country were Hindus. They are not outsiders,” he added. (MR/RV).

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