Muzrai Minister Poojary urged to ban plastic in temples

Mysuru, March 26:- KPMK Trust members met Muzrai Minister Kota Srinivas Poojary on Friday (Marcch 26) and urged him to ensure all the temples and religious centres are plastic-free. They also wanted turmeric and saffron powder used in temples to be chemical-free. Poojary was in Mysuru on the way to Chamundi Hills. KPMK Trust members urged him to pass a strict order on the plastic ban.

Trust’s president Vikram Iyengar said, “Many temples in Karnataka are using plastic which has a cascading effect on the environment. Though there is a total ban on plastic, the rule is yet to be followed in its entirety. The government needs to advise all the temples to stop the use of plastic. Turmeric and saffron sold near the temples have chemicals and it is unfortunate that no action has been taken. Chemicals in turmeric and saffron lead to a lot of diseases. The Department of Muzrai should step in to curb this practice.”

KPMK Trust’s secretary Ajay Shastry, BJP leader Jogi Manju, BJP youth leader Mullur Guruprasad, Jeevadhara Girish, Apoorva Suresh, Ashwin, nominated member of MCC K J Ramesh, former councillor Jayaram, Lohith Urs, Jagadish, Govind Bhat and Suchindra were present. (MR/KS)

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