My Sugar factory is nobody’s property: MLA Murugesh Nirani

Mysuru, June 29:- “My Sugar factory is nobody’s property,” said former minister and owner of Nirani Sugars, Murugesh Nirani.

He was speaking to the media in the city recently.

“Ours was the highest bid for PSSK Sugar factory in Mandya. As soon as I get permission from the government, I will clear the salary of employees within 24 hours which is pending for over 3 years. We have decided to continue with the earlier employees. It is up to them to rejoin or not,” he added.

“I visited My Sugar factory but not to do any politics. It is still in the stage of discussion. It has not been finalised whether to privatise it or continue it as it is. Based on the decision, I will take part in the tender process. I have promised to take over 40-year-old PSSK Sugar factory in Pandavapura. Can’t I run the recent My Sugar factory which is fairly new,” Nirani asked.

“Officials are responsible for factories undergoing a loss. Farmers and employees are not responsible for it. If factories run implementing newer technologies there will not be any loss,” he added. (MR/KS)

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