Mymul appointments should be transparent, or else, JD(S) will stage intense protests: MLA Sa Ra Mahesh

Mysuru, May 20:- “Appointments of employees of Mymul should be held transparently. But rampant irregularities are taking place there. District in-charge Minister S T Somashekar says appointments are being held. At the same time, he says an investigation is under process. If transparency is not maintained in appointments, we will stage intense protests led by former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy,” said MLA and former minister Sa Ra Mahesh at a press meet held at his office in the city on Wednesday.

“During coalition government rule, permission was given for the job appointments of Hassan and Mysuru milk unions. MLA G T Devegowda and I got permission for this appointment process. We got permission for the Mymul Mega Dairy. When the then chief minister H D Kumaraswamy was to inaugurate it, a private person appealed saying khata should not be on the land of the mega-dairy. We called upon the Commissioner of Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) and Tahsildar to get the khata done to protect the public sector institution,” he said.

“The MLA from Hassan submitted a letter which got the appointment process stopped. But here, 5 MLAs fought for this. We have respect for the cooperative minister. He has assured us of investigation. At the same time, he told that their appointments will continue. They have sent the Tahsildar of Madikeri for investigation. Can a Tahsildar investigate the decision of the Deputy Commissioner? I request the minister to not fall for pressure. We know which company is evaluating the examination held for the appointments. During the examination, candidates will be given OMR sheet. It will have the imprints of the answers. After 15 to 20 days of the examination, a key answer paper will be released. Every candidate can know the marks he has received. but they have not provided OMR sheet for the examination. The key answers have not been released. Mymul has directly released the results. Such results should be available for the public and transparency should be maintained. But if you visit Mymul website, you cannot find any information,” he said.

“The government needs further investigation to have this appointment process cancelled. We have already provided the audiotape which discussed the bribe. Those who are eligible should get jobs. When people are not allowed to move from one district to other, Mymul has fixed a date for interview. What is the motive behind this? They want to get the appointments done based on the money they have received.  We have already provided enough proof to the government. If this interview process continues, we will stage intense protests in front of the mega-dairy led by Kumaraswamy,” he added.

“Let them first show the key answers. First of all, the examination was held for 165 posts. But they are now appointing an additional 25 posts. This step is taken to satisfy whom? Please clarify this to the people of Karnataka. As a serious allegation has been made, a thorough investigation should also take place. I am thinking of registering a complaint based on the audio-tape which discussed bribery,” he added.

“Everything that was discussed in the audio is true. People should get to know the irregularities and corruption taking place in the organisation. A person who spoke to me over the phone has paid money and got the job. They have also asked me to pay the money. If this issue is not sorted, I will inform the names of those who asked me to give money. They have asked for a bribe of Rs 20 lakh for a job with a salary of Rs 28 – 45,000. They later called me to leave this matter here,” said Chaitra, one of the candidates who also wrote the exam.

Cheluvegowda, R Lingappa, Ramanna and others were present. (MR/KS)

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