Mymul row: MLA Sa Ra Mahesh releases audio tape in support of his allegations

Mysuru, May 15:- “Mymul gives jobs to those who pay a good amount of bribe. A high level of corruption is seen in the appointment process of Mymul,” alleged MLA of KR Nagar Constituency Sa Ra Mahesh at a press meet held at his office in the city on Friday.

“Nephews of the president of Mymul Mavinahalli Siddegowda have been selected for jobs. Their names are in the first list of selected candidates. A letter has been submitted to the government to investigate the irregularities in Mymul. But they are making preparations to conduct the interview. We will stage a protest in front of Mymul on May 19. Former minister HD Revanna will lead the protest,” he said.

“Mymul is interviewing the sons of sister and younger brother of the president of Mymul for jobs. If it is not corruption, then what else is this? Can the Mymul president give profitable posts to his family members? Name of the executive director of Mymul, Ashok is also in the audio that discussed giving bribe. Ashok is a relative of the Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa. The audio clearly says that he has received a bribe. A thorough investigation has to be ordered into this. The entire appointment process has to be cancelled and should be held from the beginning. Eligible candidates should get jobs,” he said.

The MLA released audio of discussion between a selected candidate and another candidate who is not selected. The audio has the name of the executive director accused of taking bribe.

“This is just promo audio. I will release the audio of bigger persons in the coming days. They have given jobs to their relatives, wife of their driver. They have taken Rs 40 lakh from some people to give a job. I have proof of all my allegations. 18,000 people have written the exam and only 200 of them have passed. Nephews of the Mymul president are intelligent and all others are fools. Even after so many days, the key answers are not even released. Let them release the list of selected candidates. I will release their family tree,” he said.

“The government has ordered to not hold any interview during the lockdown. What was the hurry to do the interview? After I wrote the letter, the Deputy Commissioner discussed with the government and got the interview postponed. If there was no corruption, why Mymul wants to do the interview in a hurry? The tender is also illegal. Relatives of the Chief Minister are directly involved in it,” he alleged.

“If the selection process is not stopped immediately, we will stage intense protests. Posts are being sold for money. Those who have got selected have shared these details with other candidates. Meritorious candidates should get the jobs,” he added. (MR, KS)


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