Mysureans among pan-India team to trek the Himalayas

Excited to be closer to nature, says eight-year-old Manvi

 The love for outdoor and discovering uncharted terrain has encouraged the youngsters to take up trekking. This also seemed to be a way out to quench their thirst by taking up a challenge.
Much has changed from the past few years, with growing passion for fitness, trekking has brought together the young and old in city.
International Academy of Mountaineering and Allied Sports (IAMAS) in association with Tiger Adventure Foundation will be taking a team of 52 youths from across India for trekking expedition to Mount Kedaranath at Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttaranchal from April 26 to May 8.
This is the fifteenth year in succession the organisation is taking the team to Himalayas and has undertaken 37 expeditions since its inception in 2001.
The team comprises 23 women, 22 men and seven instructors and will pass through various camps like Juda Talab, Kedaranath base camp, Dhundha, Lama thatch and Gujar camp and summit at the peak on May 3. The team has members from Bangaluru, Kochi, Gwalior and New Delhi.
The team has undergone training in Mysuru for two months which included various activities like climbing in Chamundi hills, trek in the Kunti hills, cycling to KRS to toughen the muscles. In addition, NIP practitioners have prepared the trekkers mentally by giving them Neuro Linguistic programme.
To encourage team spirit, a josh run was organised to facilitate the team runs together and feel as part of the team. The team was flagged off by Deputy Commissioner – Labour, Srivalli.
Director Karnataka Police Academy Vipul Kumar said that 30 years ago life was different and slow. It allowed cherishing every moment. This is a very good opportunity for all the youngsters to utilise it to the fullest, he advised. “Such activities pomote human understanding and also helps in understanding the environment. Do not become a liability to any mischief,” he added.
Manvi, an 8-year-old who is participating for the first time in trekking expeditions to the Himalayas, said that she has been given a month’s training and was excited to be closer to nature.

 As trek to the Himalayas is a Herculean task, members of the team were made to undergo a rigorous training in Mysuru for two months that included climbing, trekking and cycling to toughen the muscles.

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