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Mysureans witness solar eclipse

Mysuru, June 22:- People of Mysuru witnessed the rare “ring of fire” solar eclipse amidst clouds on Sunday (June 21). People watched the eclipse standing on the terrace of their homes. People watched the rare phenomenon of the eclipse using solar glass, X-ray film.

The eclipse began at 10:10 am and the ring of fire occurred at 12 noon. Mass watching of the eclipse could not be organised due to coronavirus pandemic. Many enthusiasts were disappointed by this. Mysuru Science Foundation distributed more than 200 solar glasses. Mysuru Astronomical Society, Breakthrough and other organisations helped the public watch the eclipse at their homes.

All the streets of the city remained empty on Sunday since early morning. Religious activities were held to mark solar eclipse. Some people consumed food during the eclipse and called upon the public to come out of superstitions.

The entry of the public was prohibited at all the temples of the city. Special prayers were held at major temples in the city. (MR/MN)

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