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Mysuru Company is India’s first ‘restroom ad’ brand

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does,” said Steuart Henderson Britt. Yes. Advertising has been a must to make the world know about the business. Apart from the mainstream media, there are very less opportunity for advertising. Even there are malls and shopping complexes built across the big cities, advertising there is also a challenging task and the visibility of the ad is also a tough task!

To overcome these difficulties of small businessmen and vendors who expects people to know their venture, Ipopi Ads, a budding advertising brand from Mysuru, which stands absolutely unique from any other ad agencies has emerged. The company led by Vaibhav, who has worked as an IT employee, having experience over 10 years, came up with this concept, ‘Rest room advertising’.

Ipopi Ads started their venture at the DRC cinemas. “Every month, about 1 lakh people visit the multiplex to watch movies. We can assume that 40 to 50,000 people go to the restroom and the ad set up there gets an assured visibility. The cost of advertising is also cheap and medium and small scale businessmen have found it helpful to them,” says Vaibhav, founder and owner of Ipopi Ads.

As the central government led by Narendra Modi has given emphasis for start-ups and Swacch Bharat, this ad campaign has been a unique effort. The government-run Swacch Bharat twitter handle had identified and called the Ipopi Ads as the first Indian restroom advertising brand, which has been a feather to the cap of cleanest city-based company.

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“Advertisements telecast on the television are also not given the 100% visibility as people tend to change the channels during the commercial and are very costly for the advertisers. But the small scale businessmen can’t afford it and we give them an assurance of visibility. All these happened because of my mother and wife’s support,” says Vaibhav.

It is indeed a proud moment for the cleanest city to identify a Mysuru-based company to be hailed as the India’s first restroom advertising brand.

-Shreeharsha C M

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