Mysuru Dasara: There is scope to make it memorable

Mysuru, October 2:-  No doubt, the world famous Mysuru Dasara is a socio-religious and cultural event but the stark reality is that not enough is being done to make it a memorable one. Planning is done at the last minute and whatever little is done, it is a hotchpotch job.

This season (October month) is a big boom for tourism which brings big business to the hotel industry and entertainment industry. What is there to boast of when the quality of sprucing up the infrastructure, prominentheritage buildings, government buildings and KRS Dam is much to be desired.

No doubt, the Brindavan Garden is very well maintained, but there is no innovation except for the dancing fountain. The road leading to KRS Dam was asphalted last year and is now two-lane. There is still scope to make the same road four-lane. The land on either side of the road is vacant. It is better to think of the road to be made wide enough to ease the heavy traffic from the city towards KR Sagar. There is an urgent need of a fly-over near the factory area close to the Coffee Curing Works on the same road.                                                                      Though there is a plan to have flyovers at important junctions, especially, at the intersections of the ring road, it is better to initiate steps at the earliest.

Asphalting of the main roads is done just before the D-Day. Invariably, it rains during these festive days as we are in the middle of the monsoon. The cosmetic sprucing up of roads is bad. Year after year, the same roads are painted with something black… is it bitumen at all? Why don’t they do quality works? If we want to attract tourists and want to encourage tourism, what facilities are we giving them?

Has anyone interacted with the fleet of tourist vehicle owners? They all should feel encouraged. Quite often, the operators of tourist vehicles seem to feel they are fleeced.

Is there some agency to manage the events of disasters when an unforeseen storm or hurricane lashes with heavy rain and all that happens like what happened last year at KRS Dam? Huge trees fell, some got killed, power disrupted and traffic cut off…

There are many more aspects of keeping the Dasara festivity world famous. Is there someone to listen? (John Francis Texeira)

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