Mysuru Division of SWR ranked 4th Best Performer in punctuality in country

Mysuru, March 16:- By maintaining the punctuality performance percentage of 97.36% Mysuru Division has been ranked 4th among Indian Railways and first in South Western Railway.

This outstanding performance is achieved in spite of sharp increase in maintenance of blocks of various safety activities in double fold. On an average 126 trains are being dealt by Mysuru Division daily including 64 passenger trains and 62 express trains. Out of the above, 70 trains are originated from different terminals of Mysuru Division and 56 are passing through trains.

This punctuality performance was achieved through continuous monitoring and following up the suggestions given by passengers and incorporating the same in the time-table.

​Compared to last year’s percentage of 97.57%, the punctuality performance has come down slightly by 0.21% due to various safety maintenance issues. -KK

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