Mysuru Divisional Railway plans to install hybrid solar panels at stations

With the core objective of saving power, the Mysuru Di­visional Railway has planned to install hybrid solar panels and construct wind power units at selected stations. Ac­cording to the railway officers, the Mysuru Divisional Railway Manager’s office will soon be equipped with solar panels which will cut down the cost of electricity by Rs 1 lakh per month.

South Western Railway (SWR), Mysuru Division will fo­cus on tapping solar and wind energy to reduce its depen­dence on conventional forms of energy with six railway sta­tions in the division fitted with solar and wind hybrid unit.

Addressing media persons here on Wednesday, Division­al Railway Manager (DRM) Atul Gupta said “To start with, six stations in the division -Birur, Chitradurga, Chikjajur, Arsikere, Chikmagalur and Mysuru railway stations will have 15kw capacity wind and solar hybrid power. “For the DRM’s office building, 50kw will be set up. Already at Birur and Chikjajur stations, the work is almost completed. The work for DRM’s office is yet to start but tender process is under progress. All these works are expected to be completed by the end of this year. The power generated will be used for station build­ing including platforms, unre­served ticket counter and reservation counters and waiting rooms. Already renewable energy is also being used to power 94 level crossing gates across the division. Apart from this, the division for its rest rooms and guest houses, they are using solar geysers,” he added.

The DRM said that in two years’ time, all unmanned lev­el crossing will be complete­ly closed down and further added that of the total 167 unmanned level crossing in the division, sanction has al­ready been obtained for elim­inating 130 unmanned level crossings spread across the division. “The unmanned lev­el crossing will be converted constructing RUB/ROB or converting them into manned gates. The tender process for the same is under process. Among 130 unmanned sanc­tioned for elimination, 50 of them will be taken this year while the rest, next year. Alto­gether, unmanned level cross­ing will be eliminated in the division in another two years which will enhance safety and punctuality of trains.”

Rail Humsafar Saptaah

As per the directives from the Ministry of Railways, Mysuru Division of SWR conducted week-long programme’Rail Humsafar Saptaah. The week long programme which was kick started on May 26 concluded on Wednesday. The main purpose of the programme was to provide better amenities and quality facilities to the rail commuters. As part of the programme, special drives on issues such as cleanliness in station premises, on trains, punctuality of passenger-carrying trains, quality of food and hygiene in catering units, curbing ticketless travel through intensive ticket checking drives, interaction with rail-users to get a sense of their expectations on the quality of services rendered, communication with freight customers as also sharing of information on the achievements of railways in the last two years were part of the programme.

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