Mysuru ESI Hospital short of facilities; video goes viral

Mysuru, July 16:- Covid-19 patients are being treated at ESI Hospital in the city as well but nothing seems to be right there. Patients who are in the hospital have released a video on social media explaining the bad plight of the hospital. They said that the hospital lacks cleanliness and proper medicines.

A woman was seen speaking to the staff in the video. Saying her daughter is also a doctor, she said she came to the hospital as they had promised to give an isolation ward. She alleged that the hospital has not yet given the Covid-19 test result and said the staff are giving various reasons for not giving reports. She alleged that there are only two washrooms for 20 women.

Patients have alleged the hospital of not providing sanitiser and face masks. They have also urged the hospital to discharge them so that they can stay in isolation at homes. The hospital staff said that they are treating critical patients on a priority basis. Other patients alleged that the staff have not even enquired the health conditions of admitted patients. They questioned the staff on what basis they identify critical patients.

The video is now going viral on social media. The concerned officials need to concentrate on this and solve the problems at the earliest. (MR/KS)

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