Mysuru gets first road made from plastic waste

The Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) which has been in vanguard by bringing the ‘cleanest city’ tag to Mysuru and aiming to make the city ‘Plastic free’ is again in the news. This time it’s in the limelight for constructing a road from plastic waste. Yes, the ‘cleanest city of India’ gets its first road made from the plastic waste.

It is known that waste generated from plastic item is perilous to the environment. In the wake of this and with an aim to bring down the usage of plastic; MCC had recently given a call to avoid plastic and make the city ‘Plastic free.’ Now as a step forward, the MCC has constructed few roads made from plastic waste. The MCC recently launched the construction of roads made from plastic waste in Ward-27 (Vijayanagar) in the city under Chief Minister’s 100 crore Special grant ‘Nagarothana’ and a few roads have been completednow.

The resurfaced roads have been constructed using blended waste plastic bitumen in Vijaynagar Railway Layout. The roads are done by integrating plastic with tar known as polymer-modified bitumen, which make use of discarded plastic and prevents further damage to the environment.

Speaking to City Today about the new initiative, MCC Commissioner G Jagadeesh said “This initiative has been carried out by the city corporation for the first time to prevent the constant problem of potholes in the region and in the meantime it also makes use of plastic wastes. In the first round of this initiative we have taken up resurfacing 10 roads in Ward-27. The construction of roads is taken up under Chief Minister’s special grant in third phase of ‘Nagarothana.’

“Since it is on an experimental basis, we undertaking the work on roads that are of shorter stretch. A few roads in Railway Layout having a stretch of 100 metres, 40 metres have been taken up for resurfacing work and by using plastic we are trying to recycle it and stop damage to the nature,” he added.

Jagadeesh said “We are expecting that the new roads will be enhanced quality-wise and better than the normal roads. We are expecting these roads to last for two extra years than the normal roads. In future we will examine its durability and the resistance of the road during the rainy season; if this project is successful, we will resurface all roads in the city that has longer stretches and the MCC will also establish a plant in the city that processes the plastic waste for resurfacing these roads.”

The new initiative is not new to India, but it’s the first time in the city a road is constructed with plastic waste. These roads are resistant to ‘soaking up water’ and the maintenance cost of theses road are low, but have a higher durability. If at all this project is successful and gets better appreciation, no doubt that Mysuru will get a new tag after ‘Cleanest city’, ‘Plastic Free city’ and ‘first open defecation-free city’.

– Karthik K K

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