Mysuru is the world’s yoga capital, says Raghavendra Pai

State level Dasara Yoga conference held at Maharaja’s College

“India is the land of Yoga for the world and Mysuru is its Yoga capital. The heritage city boasts of several great yoga exponents who have introduced yoga to the world,” said renowned yoga practitioner, trainer Raghavendra Pai.

He was addressing the Dasara state level yoga conference held at the centenary auditorium of Maharaja’s College, on Wednesday.

“Yoga is one of the major contributions of India to the world. Yoga is being practiced for centuries in India. Since two years, yoga has become popular in various countries. Yoga is being practiced in various forms in India since ages. Mysuru Maharajas gave lot of importance to yoga during their regime. In ‘Sri Tathva Nidhi’ book by Mummadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar, more than 220 images of yoga have been included. There are several photos related to yoga that are displayed in Jaganmohan Palace,” he said.

“When mind starts functioning at a rapid phase, beyond our control, it generates stress. Yoga helps to overcome stress. To have physical and mental control and to be strong in all the ways, yoga is essential. Yoga helps us to have a balanced mindset and relaxed body. Our mind is fickle. It doesn’t stay at one thought. To have a fixed mind and to overcome the stress, yoga is the best remedy. Yoga makes a man complete. Mind is capable of balancing both happiness and sorrow if it is under our control. Everyone, irrespective of age and gender, should practise yoga,” he said.

Kanchanaganga, Rudraswamy performed yoga and spread the importance of yoga. Special yoga sessions were conducted as part of the seminar. Prof T S Sathyanarayana Rao, Psychology department, JSS College, senior medical officer Dr C Harish Babu, Sowmya Mahesh Pandit conducted the sessions.

Zilla Panchayat president Nayima Sulthana Nazir Ahmed, taluk panchayat president Kalamma Kemparayamma, Yoga Dasara subcommittee special officer Kala Krishnaswamy, working president M N Nataraj, secretary Dr B N Seethalakshmi and others were present.

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