Mysuru karate couples invited to Okinawa (Japan)

Shihan Johnson and his wife, Liji Johnson have been invited by the Governor of Okinawa (Japan) to participate in the World Karate and Kobudo Seminar which will be held in Okinawa, Japan, from August 24 to 29.  This seminar is organized by the Government of Japan (Okinawa Prefecture).

Shihan Johnson is a 6th Dan Black belt in Karate and 3nd Dan Black Belt in Kobudo and is the director and chief instructor of Okinawa Shorinryu Karate Shinkokai and Kobudo Association, India.  He has got 33 years of experience in Karate.  He has a Post Graduate Diploma in Karate from Tamilnadu Sports University and he is first Post Graduate Diploma holder in Karate from Karnataka. Meanwhile, his wife, Liji Johnson is a 1st Dan black belt holder in karate and she teaches karate in various schools in Mysuru.  She is the first lady karate instructor from Karnataka who has been invited to participate in this event.  The couple resides in Roopanagar, Bogadi, Mysuru.

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