Mysuru misses out to host Bengaluru International Film Festival

No films to be screened in city this year

Mysuru, January 3:- There is bad news to the film buffs in Mysuru City, there will be no screening of films held in the city this year as part of the 10th edition of the Bengaluru International Film Festival (BIFFes).

9th BIFFes valedictory ceremony held in Mysruu

Mysureans who were fortunate to explore the world cinema and critically acclaimed films since two years as part of BIFFes will now have to let go their wish to watch films in Mysuru, as the state government has decided not to screen films in the city and reserve the venue of the 10th edition of the BIFFes in Bengaluru.

Secretary of the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) P Manivannan on Wednesday confirmed to CityToday that there will be no screening of films in Mysuru unlike the previous two years as part of BIFFes.

He said, “The decision was taken at the high power meeting held in Bengaluru recently. The screening of films in Mysuru was held for few times on an experimental basis. Seeing the turn out and considering the fact that it is Bengaluru International Film Festival, the film festival has been restricted only to Bengaluru.”

Speaking to CityToday, the chairman of the Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy (KCA) S V Rajendra Singh Babu said, “Yes, there will be no screenings of films this year in Mysuru as part of BIFFes. The decision was taken citing various reasons including upcoming Assembly elections in the state.Hence, there won’t be any film screening as part of BIFFes in Mysuru this year,” he added.

Earlier during the release of BIFFes, the committee formed to look after the celebrated BIFFes had decided to drop Mysuru from hosting the valedictory function unlike previous two years and decided to make arrangements for the valedictory programme in Bengaluru, but no changes will be there with respect to the screening of the films.

The final decision at the high power committee to drop Mysuru as the other venue for BIFFes has come as a shocker to film buffs and film enthusiasts in the city.

Achyuth B S,
Film Enthusiast

Speaking to CityToday, a film enthusiast Achyuth B S said, “As a film enthusiast I got an opportunity to watch out some really good movies as part of the BIFFes in Mysuru for the past two years. Now after hearing that there won’t be screening of movies in Mysuru I feel this is a shocker and will be really hard to digest for few film buffs and film enthusiasts.”

“Since there won’t be any screening of films in Mysuru, I will now depend on Bengaluru and will travel to the state capital to witness some good movies and also attend master class and film workshops that are hosted as part of the BIFFes in Bengaluru,” he added.

The festival is scheduled to be held in Bengaluru at Orion Mall from February 22 to March 1 and in connection with this the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) has called the Kannada film industry to take leave on February 22 and March 1 to attend the opening and closing ceremonies of the Biffes.

-BY Karthik K K

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