Mysuru Palace likely to get a new permanent Fire Station

Mysuru, October 7:- If everything goes well as planned and if the state government gives green signal to the proposed draft report, the historical Mysuru Palace will have an exclusive Fire Emergency Service Station at its premises by this year end.

In a bid to give more importance to the fire safety measures and to regularly monitor the fire safety at ‘Mysuru Palace,’ a proposal and report has been sent to the state government to set up a permanent fire emergency station and deploy fire personnel.

The Mysuru Palace which is one of the major tourist attractions in India, receives more than 30 lakh tourists every year. Though the footfall of the tourists visiting the Palace is high and the chance of vulnerability to the fire hazards is precarious at the Palace premises; no emergency fire squad has been deployed untill now.

In spite of the fire extinguishers and other safety accessories being installed in and around the Palace, the possibility of a fire mishap is always there.

In view of the safety aspects at Palace, a report has been sent to the state government and the Deputy Commissioner by District Fire Officer K P Gururaj requesting to give nod for setting up of a Fire Emergency Service Station and a firefighters’ squad exclusively to look into fire safety at the Palace premises.

Speaking to CityToday District Fire Officer Gururaj said, “We have sent a report on this to the state government and the chief secretary through Mysuru Deputy Commissioner. The Fire Station will surely take care of the safety concerns at Mysuru Palace and the firefighters will work round-the-clock in two or three shifts to monitor and see that adequate fire safety measures are in place.”

“The place to set up this emergency Fire Station at the Palace premises is yet to be marked and would be decided only after we get a green signal on the proposal,” he added.

According to sources, it is said that the government had asked for the report in the wake of a fire incident that broke out near the entry ticket counter of the Palace in May 2017 that damaged the guard room and an ATM kiosk. Meanwhile, the Palace is always vulnerable to fire hazards as more than one lakh bulbs are illuminated on daily basis. An electrical short circuit or any fire mishap could pose serious threat to the structure.

This is not the first time that the proposal for a Fire Station has been made. Two years ago there was a discussion over this matter with the Mysore Palace Board and the government, but no decision was taken.

The Palace is nearly 3-4 km away from the Saraswathipuram Fire Station and the firefighters may take more time to reach the Palace during an emergency. Citizens feel that the state government should take immediate steps on the safety aspect at the Palace and give its approval for a Fire Station and an exclusive fire squad.


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