Mysuru Police Band to perform at Chikka Gadiyara today @ 7 pm

A cultural evening will be or­ganised as part of the Mysu­ru Shopping Festival 2016, at the Dufferin Clock Tower (fa­mously known as Chikka Ga­diyara) on May 7. This will be a weekly affair and will be held from 7 pm to 8:30 pm.

On May 7, Mysuru’s noted Police Band KARP Mounted Company will enthral the au­dience with its tunes.

According to a press re­lease from B S Prashanth, the Chairman of Mysuru Shop­ping Festival and Mysore Travel Mart, the initiative is aimed at targeting tourists.

“Since tourists visiting the city are not privy to the rich culture in performing arts, the Mysuru Shopping Festival will be organizing cultural events with a view to promote fine arts, the culture of the city. This will attract foreign tour­ists and at the same time, will promote and encourage local artistes,” he said.

“It is a very good opportu­nity to showcase the talent by local artistes and this will be a great entertainer for foreign tourists as there are no cultur­al activities around when they visit the city on weekends,” he added.


The Mysuru Shopping Fes­tival 2016 is redefining shop­ping in Mysuru and promoting culture and local artistes. The festival, modelled on the lines of international shopping fes­tivals, is one of its kind shop­ping festival which will be held in the city from September 24 to November 5.

The 43-day shopping ex­travaganza spanning from Dasara to Deepavali, orga­nized by Mediatree and sup­ported by Mysore Travels As­sociation and Mysore Travel Mart in association with Kar­nataka tourism.

The festival seeks to pro­vide an international shopping experience to the tourists who visit the city and also to local residents.

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