Mysuru Science Foundation organises special lecture

Mysuru Science Foundation organised its 44th month’s science lecture series at Maneyangala, Kalamandir recently.

Proful Gopal, who works at wildlife crime suppression department, gave a lecture on ‘Human – wildlife conflict and animal smuggling’.

“According to psychology, the conflict arises when either the animal or the man gets physically or mentally affected. Elephant grazes at the farm, wild boars attack villages, and leopards kill cattle. All such incidents take place due to the increase in human population. We have occupied their habitats and now we want them to be caught, killed or shifted. Human beings are least bothered about the well-being of the animals,” he said.

“Cattle are the favourite food for tigers and leopards. When the people who live by the forest get their cattle to the forests to graze, they obviously hunt the cattle and eat. But still human beings make the wild animals the culprits in this regard,” he added.

“A lot of home stays, jungle lodges are being constructed in the forests in the name of promoting tourism. It is affecting the free movement of the animals and has given rise to the killing and smuggling of animals. Animal smuggling has become a huge racket. It is very active in Karnataka also. Elephants, red sand bow, palm civet, owls, mongoose, pangolin and other animals are being smuggled for their teeth, skin and meat. Government has to take necessary actions to prevent this smuggling. NGOs and youths need to extend their support for this cause,” he said.

C Krishnegowda, G B Santhosh Kumar, C Purandar, Vaijayanthi, Srikantamurthy and others were present.

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