Mysuru Sharana Mandali celebrates Ambedkar Jayanti

 Andolana Editor Rajashekara Koti urged people to not restrict Ambedkar to Dalits alone as he was a champion of the voiceless

Mysuru Sharana Mandali celebrated the 125th birth anniversary of the architect of the Indian Constitution at Kannada Sahitya Parishat in the city, on Wednesday.
Andolana Editor Rajashekara Koti inaugurated the event and lauded the initiative of the association in organising the event.
“Most of the people representing the upper class have projected Dr B R Ambedkar’s struggle for equality to mere fight for reservation for Dalits. Reservation is not restricted to the Dalits alone but encompasses all downtrodden, backward classes and minorities as well. Reservation has thus been an attempt to ensure equality and fairness in the society. Thus, people belonging to the upper class should understand the reality and overcome their bias towards the Dalits and the issue of reservation. Moreover, people belonging to all classes should join hands and take part in the celebrations of Ambedkar Jayanti. Ambedkar is a champion of the voiceless and the downtrodden and not merely the Dalits,” he said.
People belonging to the Veerashaiva community should accord equal respect to Ambedkar akin to Basaveshwara, the social reformer of the 12th century. If only people understood the Indian Constitution, the progress of the nation can be hastened, he added.
It should be noted that although Basaveshwara was born into a family of priests and Buddha to the Royal family they broke the shackles of caste and hierarchy and dedicated their lives for social reformation, said Koti.

Dr B R Ambedkar despite his path being strewn with hurdles such as discrimination and unsurmountable obstacles, he overcame them and excelled in academics. The immense contribution of Ambedkar to the Indian society remains unparalleled, noted the senior journalist.
At the event, Maharani College Kannada Prof B V Vasanth Kumar delivered a talk on ‘An impact of Ambedkar and Basaveshwara philosophies on social reformation.’ Mysuru Sharana Mandali President Moogooru Nanjundaswamy, Member C Naganna, Kannada Sahitya Parishath President Y D Rajanna, KaSaPa member Rajashekar Kadamba, Social worker K Raghuram and others were present.

 Senior journalist urged the media both traditional and social media to overcome their bias towards Ambedkar and project his contributions to the Indian society in a positive manner.

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