Mysuru welcomes New Year 2020 with fervour

Mysuru, January 1:- Mysureans welcomed the New Year 2020 with fervour at 12 am today. The city was drenched in new year celebrations late night on Tuesday. A lot of tourists too visited the heritage city to enjoy the arrival of New Year.

Various hotels, clubs organised special events to welcome the new calendar year. The entire city witnessed bursting of crackers to welcome the new year exactly at 12 am. Thousands of visitors have arrived in Mysuru. Most of the hotel rooms were booked. Cultural events were organised to engage visitors. Most of the hotels were decorated and well lit. Special mass and prayers were held at churches in the city to welcome the New Year.

250 additional CCTV cameras were installed across the city to avoid any unwanted happenings. Highway patrol vehicles and interceptors roamed around the ring road and warned against any anti-social behaviour.

18 special police task forces, 3 women safety squads and 4 pink Garuda vehicles were on duty on the occasion of the new year. Police held a rapid operation to apprehend drink and drive incidents and many drivers and bikers were caught and fined.

A police official on duty celebrated his birthday with colleagues on the occasion of the New Year by cutting a cake. The entire city was drenched in the new year celebrations. (MR/KS)

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