Mysuru Zoo loses African Tusker Timbo

Due to chronic arthritis, the jumbo had been facing major difficulties in bearing its weight, which led to health complications

Timbo, a male African elephant aged about 47 years which was suffering from chronic arthritis died on March 22-23 midnight at Mysuru Zoo.

 The elephant was brought to Mysuru Zoo from West Germany Zoo under an animal exchange programme in 1976.

Zoo Executive Director Venkatesan said that the elephant started limping due to problems in its right hind limb from past 25 days and was unable to bear weight on the affected limb. Necessary treatments were being given since 25 days but no significant improvement was noticed. Expert opinion was sought from Dr Khadri, an experienced wildlife veterinarian; elephant expert from Kerala Dr Jacob Cheeran and Dr Dhanalakshmi, Assistant Professor, Veterinary College, Shimoga in this regard. Since he was continuously bearing the weight on his left hind limb, he started showing contralateral limb lameness.
Though necessary medication and physiotherapy was continued, he did not respond to them. On March 22, the animal started finding it difficult to bear weight on both its hind limbs and on same day by 8.30 pm, the animal was recumbent laterally in the enclosure on his right side.
Zoo Veterinarians, Supervisors and  Keepers, including Executive Director, Deputy Director, Range Forest Officer, ushed to the spot immediately. The animal was under terrible shock. The treatment was started instantaneously. Meanwhile, they tried to lift him up with the help of a crane but did not succeed. The animal died at midnight about 12.15 am, on  March 23 in its enclosure. The Zoo staff mourned the demise of Timbo.

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