Mysuru ZP prepares tableau on the contributions of Mysuru queens

Countdown has begun for the commencement of the renowned Mysuru Dasara. Dasara is not just a festival, ritual or devotional attribute to the Goddess, but a cultural extravaganza for the entire state, as it is rightly titled ‘Nada habba’. Jamboo Savari, the procession carrying Goddess Chamudeshwari in a howdah on the elephant is the major attraction and a unique attraction of the Mysuru Dasara. The Jamboo Savari includes tableaus from all the districts of the state that determines the speciality of the state, which attracts as well as educates the visitors.

This time too, the tableaus from all the districts are confirmed. All the 30 districts of the state are participating in the Jamboo Savari. Apart from the districts, several government bodies are also presenting their tableaus. CESCOM, tourism department, archaeological department, women and children welfare department, education departments are presenting their tableaus and making it 37 tableaus for the Jamboo Savari.

The host district, Mysuru has also prepared the tableau for the procession. This time the district administration has chosen the topic, ‘Contributions of the queens of Mysuru’.
“Queens of Mysuru royal family have contributed to Mysuru and state in various ways. They stood as a strong source of support to the Wadiyars of Mysuru in their constructive works for the benefit of the society. The tableau includes the contributions of the queens, Maharani’s college, Vani Vilasa water supply board, Shivana samudra electricity generation plant are achieved because of the farsightedness of the queens. The tableaus will represent these,” informed Zilla panchayat planning officer Prabhuswamy to City Today.

“When Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar decided to build KRS dam, he faced shortage of money for the construction. Then the queen Pratapa Kumari Ammani gave her jewels along with jewels of the royal family to pledge and get money for the construction work. The tableau will have the images of the queens and their contributions to the Mysuru province,” he said.

Along with the tableau, zilla panchayat is constructing a stall in the Dasara exhibition in Doddakere ground. The stall is based on the concept of ‘Sustainable living’.

“The stall explains how we can see developments in rural areas by using the government schemes. The stall looks like the replica of Mysuru zilla panchayat. Inside it represents the village life. The tableau and the stall will be constructed at the cost of Rs 14 lakh. The stall is being set up and it will be completed before October 1, that is, before the commencement of Dasara,” he added.

Shreeharsha C M

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