Mysuru’s Olympia Theatre shuts down

Mysuru, May 20:-  Another cinema theatre in Mysuru is now on the pages of history books with the economic hardship due to Covid-19 and the lack of audiences. Olympia Theatre (movie theatre) is located near Gandhi Square in Devaraja Mohalla in the heart of the heritage city.
For the past three years several theatres have not opened due to the government-imposed restrictions due to Covid pandemic. This caused the theatre owners to face financial hardship. With four theatres already in history, Mysuru sees another added to it. The Olympia Theatre is forced to shut down as well. The theatre was established in 1949.
The main reason would be that the audiences are not coming to the theatre to watch the movies, instead, turning to multiplexes in malls, which made it very difficult to run the theatres. Thus, the owners have decided to close them down.
There were a total of 26 theaters in Mysuru city. Now only 10 of them exist. Recently, Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Shantala Theatres were closed down permanently and now followed by the Olympia Theatre. (AM/KS)

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