Mysuru’s worsening water crisis: MCC’s action plan

An MGP delegation recently met Mysuru City Corporation Commissioner to discuss how to tackle the looming drinking water crisis well in advance.

MGP was assured by the Commissioner that by December 30th, every house in the city will have a working meter and those who have not paid their water bills will be disconnected. A vigilance squad which will keep check on corrupt practices and report directly to the Commissioner will be set up. 

MCC plans to reduce the lowest chargeable water consumption from 25000 litres per month to 15000 which is the practice all over Karnataka. During this emergency time, there will also be a special water tax to penalize those who consume above their monthly quota. It is hoped that both these measures will be approved by the City Council and ratified by the government. 

MCC will carry out a drive to create awareness in the public about the water crisis by displaying banners and distributing pamphlets on what citizens should do and not do It will also take steps such as developing a plan to prevent any exploitation by water tanker mafia, ensuring distribution of the available water supply in an equitable manner, arranging infrastructure such as pumps to lift water when KRS level falls below the canal level, etc. 

MCC will soon call a meeting of Corporators, officials and NGOs to discuss the water disaster management plan. 

MCC will also upgrade its complaint system to register complaints about leakage of pipeline or misuse of water by consumers to ensure prompt action.

The general consensus at the end of the meeting was that if MCC is able to implement all the assurances given and residents in turn play their part in water conservation, we may get through the drinking water crisis reasonably well.

By Dr  M M Shenoi

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