Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar set an example for good governance: UoM VC Prof G Hemanth Kumar

Foundation Day celebrations of University of Mysore inaugurated

Mysuru, July 27:- “Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar had set an example to show how a good governance should be,” said the Vice-Chancellor of University of Mysore (UoM) Prof G Hemanth Kumar.

He was speaking after inaugurating the Foundation Day celebrations of UoM by paying floral tributes to the image of Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar at Crawford Hall in the city on Saturday.

“The UoM has completed 103 years. It is our responsibility to remember Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar on this occasion. He worked for the overall development of Mysore State,” he said.

“Mahatma Gandhi hailed Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar as Rajarshi. Nalvadi has been a king and a saint at the same time. King Janaka was called Rajarshi in Indian mythology. Mahatma Gandhi lauding the contributions of Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar shows how great a man he was,” Prof Kumar said.

“Each and every step of Nalvadi in governance was towards the development of the state. He contributed to education, literature, culture, sports, industries and in many other fields. He was always ready to lead the state to development in all the fields. He relentlessly worked for the welfare of the people. If we follow the path showed by him, our state will certainly prosper,” he added.

“UoM was started on July 27, 1916. Sir M Visvesvaraya was the then Diwan of Mysore State. There was a certain condition that UoM can be started only if University of Madras agrees. The University of Madras was not ready to accept the emergence of UoM in the meeting held at Ootacamund in Tamil Nadu. It was Sir M Visvesvaraya who took the initiative to apprise the University of Madras and consequently Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar delivered his address in the first senate on October 12, 1916,” Prof Kumar said.

Vice-Chancellor of Anna University, Chennai Dr MK Surappa delivered a special address on “Higher education and research in India; myths and realities.”

UoM Registrar Prof Lingaraja Gandhi and others were present. (KS, NGB)

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