Nalwadi was a glorious character in history, says Prof B Sheik Ali

“Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wode­yar is a glorious character in the history of Karnataka and is reckoned to be the archi­tect of modern Mysuru. It was largely during his reign that Mysuru was transformed into a model state,” said Historian and former vice chancellor of Mangaluru and Goa Universi­ties Prof B Sheik Ali.

He was delivering a key­note address at the two-day state-level seminar on ‘Sri Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wode­yar’s Life and Achievements,’ organised by Government First Grade College, Siddar­thanagar, in association with Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage.

Prof Sheik Ali said, “Nal­wadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar is a real inspiration and a magnif­icent character in the history of India. He strove hard and had an ability to transform a Mysore state was considered backward state into a devel- to be a model state and was oped one. During his rule the referred to as the Rama Rajya.

A perfect man has two major parameters i.e. to do good and right thing to the society and not expect service but serve others. The ruler had imbibed both of these. Nal­wadi had immense intellectual prowess.”

“A model man possess five powers- physical, men­tal, moral, spiritual and the intuitive power, all these were ingrained in Nalwadi. He be­lieved that happiness of a common man was more im­portant and knew that pass­port to success was hard work. It is this which helped him to create the golden age of Mysore state,” he added.

MLA Somashekhar said, “Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wod­eyar worked towards allevi­ating poverty and improving rural reconstruction, pub­lic health, industry, sanita­tion, underground drainage management, solving water crisis, education and the fine arts.”


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