Namma Mysuru team distributes ration kits

Mysuru, May 2:- Nama Mysuru team of the city distributed ration kits to needy people at Kunduru mutt Agrahara in the presence of seer Dr Sharath Chandra. Secretary of Mysuru District Journalists’ Association Lokesh Babu, seer Siddamalla, Mukesh distributed ration kits to labourers from various layouts of the city.

“Coronavirus has affected the entire world. The organisations that are helping the people in need should be appreciated. We pray to God to help us tide over the crisis,” said Sharath Chandra.

“As human beings are taking control over nature, it has decided to teach us a lesson in the form of coronavirus. At least now,  onwards we should understand the importance of nature,” said Lokesh Babu.

Santhosh, Prasanna, Gokul Govardhan, Yashawanth, Harish Babu, Mukund, Anil Jain, and others were present. (MR/KS).

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