Narayana Swamy Temple says Hello!

The historic Narayana Swamy Temple is a new tourist attraction for those who love reaching unexplored places. The temple, submerged under the waters of Krishnaraja Sagar Dam or KRS, has made an appearance as the water level has drastically come down.

The temple, located in Bore Ananduru village is located in Cauvery backwaters, which is rarely visible as it gets completely submerged when water level reaches 100 ft. Along with the temple structure, stone inscriptions around it are also visible now.

Ananduru comes under Yelwal Hobli and along with it six other villages – Bastipura, Srirampura, Majjigepura, Mysuru Naganahalli, Yeddadahalli and Naganahalli – were also submerged.

When water comes down, villagers of surrounding areas indulge in fishing and cultivate the land. They grow short-term crops for three months as the soil under water is fertile. Crops include snake beans, urad dal, watermelon, tomato and ridge guard are grown. The soil is also used to make bricks and there are couple of brick kilns in the area.

Nearby villagers perform puja to the Narayana Swamy temple soon after Mahashivaratri as the water level is low during the period.

According to elder citizens living in the vicinity, there is a pushkarani (temple pond) near the Narayana Swamy temple and it was visible years back when S M Krishna was the Karnataka CM. There is also a huge Shiva temple inside the water and it never makes an appearance as the water level does not hit the rock bottom level, say elders. 

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