Natarajothsava – 2016

‘Natarajothsava-2016,’ the 30th edition of three-day National level classical dance extravaganza of men and couple dancers, will be conducted from March 18 to 20 at Sri Nadabrahma Sangeetha Sabha Auditorium, JLB Road, Mysuru, between 6 pm and 9 pm under the auspices of Vasundhara Performing Arts Centre (VPAC), Mysuru.

The dance festival will be inaugurated by legendary Dance Guru Dr Vasant Kiran, HoD, Department of Performing Arts, Alliance University, Bengaluru. K V Murthy, an industrialist and president of VPAC Trust, will preside over the function. Dr Padmavathi Narashiman, musicologist and senior art critic and Mayor S L Bhyrappa will be the chief guests.

Natarajothsava-2016 will feature the following talented men and couple dancers:

Dr Vasundhara Doraswamy

Deepesh Hoskere

Deepesh Hoskere hails from Karnataka. His parents discovered his interest in art and dance, and started his Bharatanatyam education at an early age of 7. He had the opportunity of learning under gifted gurus and was introduced to Bharatanatyam under the able tutelage of Darshana Atre in Indore, where he learned the basics and adavus of Bharatanatyam. Then, he moved ahead and was introduced by her to Natya Choodamani, Nrithya Kala Bharathy G Ratheesh Babu, for advance training in Bharatanatya.

Somashekhar Chudanath

Chudanath took his first steps in Bharatanatyam under the tutelage of Guru Dr Suparna Venkatesh at Sai Arts International, Bengaluru. He made his solo debut in 2006, marking the beginning of his journey into the world of classical dance. Not content with just one style among the seven classical dance forms of India, he was trained in Kathak under Nirupama Rajendra and T D Rajendra. At present Chudanath is undergoing training under Guru Mysore B Nagaraj and has also attended a workshop conducted by Guru Moulik Shah.

Shwetha Venkatesh

Shwetha Venkatesh, a highly talented young dancer was initiated to the divine dance of Bharatanatya at a tender age of five under the guidance and tutelage of her mother and veteran Guru Dr Suparna Venkatesh, for the past 17 years. She has also learnt Kathak, Kalapripayattu Yoga and Natuvanga and is pursuing Masters in Bharatanatya. Shwetha has attended several dance workshops and presented solo and group programme in Bharatanatya all over India and overseas. She had her Rangapravesha in 2009.

Naveen R Hegde

A flair dancer from Malenadu has been undergoing intensive training in Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Natyashastra under the tutelage of Nirupama Rajendra and T D Rajendra, the artistic Directors of Abhinava Dance Company, Bengaluru. Hegde having trained in Bharatanatyam for 15 years is a graded artiste of Doordarshan, Bengaluru. He has given several solo concerts and also as principal dancer participated in all the major productions of Abhinava. He has widely travelled across the country and abroad.

Yogesh Kumar S

Yogesh had his training under Guru Brunda for about 10 years and currently he is undergoing training under Guru Vid. Sathyanarayana Raju, a renowned exponent of Bharatanatyam, With his consistent focus and rigorous training, he has completed Vidwat grade in Bharatanatyam from KSEB and Visharada. Yogesh is an acclaimed ‘B’ grade artiste of Doordarshan.

Dr Sanjay Shantaram and Shekar Rajendran

Dr Sanjay Shantaram and his disciple Shekar Rajendra have stepped together, promoting the guru-shishya parampara and have bloomed into men duet performers, presenting both Bharatanatya and Kuchipudi classical dance forms of India. The duo has been performing in various dance festivals across India and abroad, and their presentations are a perfect example of innovation in tradition. Both, Dr Shantaram and Rajendra intend to present their unique work with specialised choreography, focused techniques, etc.

P M Kumar

P M Kumar is a young upcoming Bharatanatya artiste from Tamil Nadu. He was initiated to this divine art at a tender age and had his training under Thangaman and Anit Jegan for 10 years. At present, he is working as teacher in Vikaasa World School of Dance in Madurai. Kumar had the privilege to present his art before Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the President Pranab Mukherjee at Rastrapati Bhavan in Delhi recently, representing Bharatanatya University.

Manav Mahant

Manav Mahant is an exponent Kathak dancer of Raigarh Gharana. Raigarh Darbar’s famous court dancer Pt Kalyan Das Mahant’s foremost scion disciple Dr Bhagwan Das Manik Mahant’s descendant ‘Manav Mahant.’ Since his childhood, Manav is being under stern edification in the conduct of his father Dr Bhagwan Das Manik. Manav is also fortunate to have guidance from another admirable dancer of Raigarh Gharana Dr Mohini Manik, his mother, who provides eminent erudition in Bhava. Manav’s dance depicts the extravagant qualities and specialties of Raigarh Gharana.

Sujay Shanbhag

Sujay Shanbhag, a disciple of Dr Vasundhara Doraswamy’s divine art of Bharatanatya, has unstinted devotion for dance with the sole ambition to propagate Indian art and culture. He has performed in Dasara Mahotsav-Mysuru, Kinkini Utsav-Mumbai, Purush Festival-Bengaluru, Nrityathi Festival –Bhilai and Unity in Diversity –Indore. Shanbhag is a recipient of Balashree Award by Balbhavan, Natyamayuram by Nrityathi Kalashetra, Natya Kaumudhi and Natya Harsha. He has been chosen as Doordarshan ‘B’ grade artiste.

Vidhishi Sparsha Shenoy

Vidhishi Sparsha Shenoy is a highly talented danseuse of Bharatanatya. She was initiated to this divine art by legendary Natyarani Shantala Awardee Dr Vasundhara Doraswamy at a tender age of five. Continuing learning intricacies of Vasundharabani, she has participated in national and international festivals recently and has also participated in 2015 Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhan Festival Ohio, USA. She takes part in all lead roles of her Gurus choreographies and is a much sought solo performer

The dance festival is by invitation and free for public and is supported by Department of Kannada and Culture, Bengaluru, SNA Delhi and a host of well wishers, states a press release from Dr Vasundhara Doraswamy, Director VPAC trustee.

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