National Consumer Day to be celebrated on Dec 24

Mysore Grahakara Parishat, in association with Rotary Central, Hotel Owners Association and the Rotary Foundation, is celebrating ‘National Consumer Day’ on December 24. A programme of consumer-centred activities is being carried out this whole week till December 24. At a press conference held today, Rotary Central president S R Swami released a poster which declares that the consumer is the king. Rotary secretaries Balaji and Ravindra Bhat, Hotel Owners’ Association president Narayana Gowda and MGP president S D Saokar were present.

Among the programmes already conducted in connection with the National Consumer Day are orientation classes for school headmasters and teachers to enable them to educate their students on consumer rights and responsibilities. Programmes have also been conducted for KSRTC bus drivers and conductors as well as MCC officers and employees. Similar programmes for DC’s office and railways have been planned.

Consumer awareness lectures and food adulteration detection demonstrations are being held in various schools and also slum areas. A special programme for farmers is also being held.

A panel discussion on consumer issues was broadcast on TV on December 18 and a talk is scheduled to be broadcast on AIR on December 24.


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