National seminar on global workforce held at Basudev Somani College

“We need to generate new management ideas for the younger generation,” said Prof DoS in Commerce, Uni­versity of Mysore, said Dr G Kotreshwar.

Delivering the inaugu­ral address at the one-day national seminar organised by Basudev Somani Col­lege on the topic ‘Issues and Challenges of Global Work Place- Destination-2020’ Dr G Kotreshwar emphasised on how to empower the work force and spoke on the Jap­anese ideologies at the work place.

He said: “The major ques­tion every Indian has is when would India become a devel­oped nation. Though many programmes have been ini­tiated in India it is still being considered as a develop­ing nation. A bigger mission called ‘Make in India’ was introduced by our Prime Min­ister Narendra Modi to make India the global power. But the major key for the success of Make in India programme is ‘Skill India’ which is about transforming the human wealth into a productive re­source.”

“Globalisation is bound to change the landscape of every management function which can affect human re­source management making it much more difficult. Talent management, training the traders, creating global lead­ers, managing highly diversi­fied work force are the need of the hour that can address the challenges of the global work place,” he said.

“Japanese ideology says a happy worker is a produc­tive worker and they concen­trate on empowering the work force. The issue of global work place can be addressed by making the work place more challenging for self real­isation,” he added.

Delivering the keynote ad­dress Prof and Head of De­partment of Commerce Peri­yar University Dr Elangovan said: “In the name of innova­tion, development, research and technology we have been against the nature and have harmed it. In a few years, we would end up having virtual offices and our homes would be our work place. It is high time to redefine the entire concept of human resource, account practices, manage­ment, commerce field and build environmental account practices.”

Associate Vice President and Head Global Education Centre, Infosys Sundar K S, Chairman and Managing Trustee of IET H N Naga-raj, Managing Trustee M Puttswamy, Principal Dr M N Manoharan and others were present.

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