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National Sports Day held at Kaliyuva Mane

Mysore Amity Ladies Circle 108 and Mysore Amity Round Table 156 hold sports events for students and teachers

Mysuru, September 13:- Mysore Amity Ladies Circle 108 and Mysore Amity Round Table 156 organised a sports event on the occasion of the National Sports Day at Kuliyuva Mane here on Saturday (September 10).

The event pick started by planting coconut sapling as part of the inauguration. The day-long sports event was organised for the students of Kaliyuva Mane alongside which concluded with a prize distribution ceremony.

To make this day special for the teachers at the school, who stand as pillars of support to the students throughout their life, few sports events – water filling, running race and musical chair were held for them. Umbrella was distributed to the teachers as a token of appreciation.

The Divya Deepa Charitable Trust is an NGO established in Mysuru which runs Kaliyuva Mane, a free residential alternative school for opportunity – deprived children research centre, Kenchalagudu village, Mysuru.

The vision of the trust “Happy childhood and child-centric education for all and mission to transform opportunity deprived children into self-reliant citizens by giving them love, care, empathy and education; to carry intense grass root level research on development and educational opportunities to deprived children through a free child-centric alternative school and to share the research findings with the stakeholders and assist them in replication.

Speaking about the donation, Aparna Ranga, Chairperson, Mysore Amity Ladies Circle 108, said “Sports and physical activity is integral to the holistic development of every child. We are glad to be a part of this initiative and commend the team for such enthusiastic participation. We look forward to being a part of similar activities and encouraging the children towards active holistic development.” (NGB)

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