Naturopath opposes use of drugs to treat diabetes

‘Usage of drugs will help accumulate toxins inside the body. Continuous accumulation of toxins obviously leads to failure of vital organs,” observed Kerala’s famous naturopath Dr Jacob Vadakanchery recently.

He was speaking at the workshop on ‘curing diabetes without medicines’ organised by People’s Legal Forum (PLF) and UTurn Foundation at the Institution of Engineers.

Addressing the gathering, he said that usage of drugs for diabetes gradually affects kidney, liver and heart. “The pharmaceutical industry ensures that a large chunk of its customers use these drugs. The loot and exploitation of drug industry can be challenged only by alternative treatment systems like naturopathy,” he said. 

Dr Jacob Vadakanchery opposed the usage of drugs, saying that they will eventually lead to organ failures. Citing the recent ban of 334 drugs by the Central Government, he said, “There are two categories of drugs, one is banned and the other is to be banned”.

Fructose which is available in fruits is very significant for the rejuvenation of pancreas, whereas sucrose which is present in white sugar and bakery/packed food products weakens it. Pancreas can be activated by eating more fruits and raw vegetables, Dr Jacob noted.

Advocate P P Baburaj translated Dr Jacob’s presentation from English to Kannada. O K Premraj and Pushpalatha were present. 

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