‘Naughty’ game meets logical end, Meti quits

CD row involving the Karnataka Excise Minister H y Meti that had stirred the state politics with Congress politicians completely denying the existence of any such ‘sex tape’, was finally released on Wednesday afternoon by RTI activist Rajashekhar Mullali. The CD has shaken the state government, which stood behind Meti dismissing any allegation against its minister.

Soon after the release of the CD, the Bagalkot MLA, Meti met Chief Minister Siddaramaiah along with his resignation letter. Just yesterday the tainted minster had met Siddaramaiah to offer explanation on the pertaining issue. Even then the Chief Minister had not asked the minister to submit his resignation. Why the government had to wait till the release of the CD to seek the minister’s resignation had raised many eyebrows.

Upon the release of the CD, it is reported that the Chief Minister sternly warned Meti at his residence for his disgraceful act. Soon Siddaramaiah took to Twitter and tweeted that the minister’s resignation has been approved by the government and in turn has recommended the Governor to take cognizance of the issue.

Meti has been alleged to have sexually exploited a woman, who happens to be a government employee, after promising her placement of her choice. What is rather more disturbing is the fact that Meti had his ‘act’ done in his government office, behind closed doors.

The video is said to be recorded by a cop who is said to be a friend of the minister’s son. The CD somehow managed to reach RTI activist Mullali. Upon his disclosure of possession of the CD, Rajshekhar is said to have received innumerable death threats from the supporters of the minister.

Initially, the woman, who is said to have been involved with the minister in the CD, had dismissed the information as rumour. She said she has a feeling that someone is using her name to settle political scores. But within a few days, she did a complete u-turn and confessed that it was indeed herself in the video.

All the drama came to an end with the release of the CD of a duration of 3.23 minutes which clearly shows Meti indulging in the ‘act’. The Congress leaders have been left red-faced and embarrassed with the release of the CD and the opposition parties are already stepping up the protests against the government.

Meanwhile, the victim woman who got herself admitted to a hospital for  stomach ache, was discharged last night against the advice of the doctor.

Already protests against Meti and the government have spread across the state with leaders from different political parties condemning the incident.

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