NCW chairperson lashes out at MLA Ramesh Kumar over rape remark

Prime News, National, Women, Politics, New Delhi, December 17:- National Commission for Women (NCW) chairperson Rekha Sharma on Friday (December 17) hit out at Karnataka Congress MLA K R Ramesh Kumar for his controversial rape comment, saying it was “extremely sad and unfortunate” that the country still has public representatives who are misogynists. The senior Congress leader sparked a controversy after he remarked in the Karnataka Assembly that when rape is inevitable, one should lie down and enjoy it.

“It is extremely sad and unfortunate that we still have public representatives who are misogynists and have a horrible mindset towards women, Sharma tweeted.

It’s really disgusting. If they sit in assemblies and speak like this how they must be behaving with women in their lives?” she said in another tweet.

Yogita Bhayana, an activist who heads the People Against Rape in India (PARI), said the comment by the shameless MLA came on a day when the country was observing nine years of the Delhi gang rape incident.

Sharing a video clip on Twitter, Bhayana said: “This video of Karnataka Legislative Assembly is from yesterday (Thursday) when the country was observing the nine years of the Nirbhaya incident. To protect our women, we vote for them (legislators) and this shameless (MLA) is calling rape enjoyment. (MR, Inputs: Agencies)

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